Is blogging dead? For me, maybe.

Hey you guys, just thought this would be an interesting post. To be honest, for things like makeup or reviews on customer based products, I typically go to youtube. It’s fast, easy, and I don’t have to read I can just listen. (Also skipping to the parts you want to listen to are ideal lol.)

Youtube has become the all inclusive site for anything you could possibly think of. From reviews on makeup, electronics, art, etc., it really has everything you can think of. Over the past five years blogging has become less ideal to our ever short attention span, which increased the usage of instagrams platform. We want it fast, short, and to the point. We don’t want to read, we want to skim. We don’t want to listen to the whole video, we just want to listen to the parts we CAME HERE for. All of this is the same mentality.

I call this the “get in and get out”.

We want to see what we want, hear what we want and then get out. On to bigger and better things, wether that be to buy the actual product or to do more research. This generation is always on the go, ready for the next adventure or the next move. Many don’t have time to read a full article on makeup tips from someone when they could watch a video on youtube, and be able to skip to the parts they want to watch and get out.

Today I canceled my premium subscription with WordPress.

Honestly I realized that most people skim through articles (including myself), so why would someone have the time to read through mine?

I think my next goals are going to be focusing more on uploading video and images to also teach myself how to use my camera better as well as just try to see what I can do with it.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy blogging and will continue to do so. I just won’t be buying themes and premium subscriptions when I could be putting that money elsewhere, on free sites.



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