Can I survive 1 Month on Soylent?

I’ve been digging around on the internet searching for a meal replacement that will have all the mineral and vitamin benefits I need in a day… and what do you know I stumbled upon Soylent.

Soylent has been around for a few years, but it hasn’t really taken on the meal replacement industry by until the release of their Cafe “on the go” drinks that come in vanilla, coffiest, chai, and nectar (which is currently on back order I believe).Soylent on the go drink original flavor

These have been super successful and have even been popularized by Buzzfeed on how to lose weight by drinking your breakfast.

Now, i’m not going to lie, I HAD to try these drinks out for myself to see what all the hype was about.

And they weren’t wrong. I loved it. A little too much.

That’s right. I loved it too much. I would drink a full one, and then have a typical lunch and dinner. While others would drink only half of the bottle (full bottle had 400 calories) to lose weight, I would drink the full bottle. It just tasted that good.

I just really loved the taste-and having caffeine in my drink- without getting the typical caffeine crash you would from coffee.

Since the bottles are a little too expensive for my post-grad lifestyle, I’m sticking with the powdered bags.

Soylent powder cacao flavor

They roughly cost around $1.54 per meal for the original, and $1.74 per meal for the newly released cacao powder. You receive 35 meals per bag at a whopping $64 dollars a bag, while if you subscribe and want to receive a bag monthly you save %10, so around $60.84.

Even if I only used water and the powder I would get bored pretty quickly. So, i’m also going to incorporate some juice from time to time, almond milk, and fruits and veggies. (I like having a rainbow of options).

Now I will be diligently recording myself, writing down notes on how i’m feeling mentally and physically, as well as give my health reports before, during, and after! I start my journey Monday, February 5th, until March 5th (the day before my birthday lol).

Pray for me.


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