Cover FX Click Foundation – Is it worth it?

Cover Fx click foundation

Let me get right to the point, recently I had discovered that I had received a sample of CoverFX click foundation in a beauty bag from Ulta. I honestly had no idea that there was even a click foundation from Cover Fx. Sure, maybe in the back of my mind it sounded familiar…

BUT I’ve never seen any hype or mention of the product on social media/youtube.

Guess they didn’t pay anyone to talk about them. (Sips tea)

I mean a stick foundation? Not going to lie, I was kind of nervous. Don’t get me wrong I’m always down to try something easy and mess-free, but typically the stick foundations I’ve tried felt kind of heavy or felt like you were wearing foundation.

This morning when I put on the foundation, I was like “Woah”. I noticed that it was:

  • High Medium coverage
  • blended out like a dream
  • didn’t look cakey or patchy
  • didn’t smell like a paint factory (you know who you are *cough wet n wild cough*)

I thought these were pretty great qualities.

But something odd happened

After I powdered my typical shiny area and sprayed with a setting spray, I noticed around the hour mark that my face started to feel weird.

And when I say weird, I mean it just started to feel like I could FEEL the makeup on my face. It felt as if it was breaking apart, as if, I went to touch my face with my finger and the product would come off.

I’m not sure if it was the primer underneath my foundation, or maybe the powder or setting spray I used. It could possibly even be the build-up of oils underneath the foundation that is making me feel this way. (which is typical for stick foundations)

After around the 8-hour mark, I started to notice how incredibly shiny it was and where the break down was occurring. And typically after 8 hours (a normal work day), I’d see the typical shiny-ness around my t-zone, which never surprises me.

This seemed excessively shiny.

Literally looks like I went to the gym (never a good look).

I’d never gotten this shiny with normal liquid or powder foundations before, and to be honest, I only seem to get this amount of excessive shiny/oiliness from stick foundations.

I would definitely use this for a concealer because I do think it has great coverage and blends really easily, but I don’t think it has the power to be an all over face foundation.

But hey, I can’t turn down a new foundation. 😉


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