Makeup Artists vs “Beauty Guru”


Makeup Artists and Beauty Gurus.

What’s the difference?

To be frank, there is a large difference (in my opinion).

Makeup Artists are those who can perform on any type of face, work all skin tones and types, and those who can push the boundaries of ordinary day to day makeup.

Someone who can turn simple designs and aesthetics into spectacular works of art.

Beauty Guru’s, on the other hand, is a term that was coined from those who do makeup on YouTube. These people (in my opinion) are those who have turned the average smoky eye and neutral eye into a phenomenon.

What I mean by “phenomenon” is that they’ve turned what most people can create into something that they can only achieve to its fullest potential. They do look after look after look of the same techniques but different colors and making it seem “otherworldly”.

These people are the ones that get millions of dollars for (sometimes) not a lot of talent.

Honestly, ask yourself: “when was the last time I saw one of my favorite YouTubers do something other than a smoky eye, everyday eye look, or a cut crease?

It’s pretty rare if you ask me.

Real Makeup Artists are most likely out in the field or producing crazy beautiful looks that push the boundaries of makeup on Instagram. During this month (October aka Halloween), they typically have produced some of their best work and most often than not (some) famous YouTubers take advantage of that and copy their look and not crediting the artist.

When I think of “basic” beauty YouTubers I think of Tati, Amanda Ensing, Manny Mua etc. And some of these people I DO enjoy watching their videos, don’t get me wrong, but to be honest, it’s just the same looks and I’m getting tired.

Also, to make this clear, I’m not saying this type of mastery isn’t bad. I just don’t think they should be considering themselves as “Beauty Gurus”.

They are just good, nothing less and nothing more.

Here are some artists below that I think are AMAZING, and have true talent beyond the everyday looks we all are accustomed to.  Above each photo is a link to their Instagram page!

Erika Marie Instagram

Erika Marie’s take on the Jack O’Lantern

RawBeautyKristi Instagram

RawKrisitiBeauty with her take on how to create a skull look for halloween

Jordan Hanz Instagram 

Jordan Hanz game of thrones inspo

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