I’m a Consumer, Hear me Roar!

“I’m a Consumer, Hear me roar!”

Based off the original quote by Hellen Reddy “I am Woman, hear me roar”, I decided to change the words up a bit for this particular post.

Consumers, do we rule the world or what?

And tbh, sometimes it doesn’t really seem like it, we truly do have a large impact on how products and services are sold, and what’s being sold to us. As of late, the makeup community (in my eyes) is really coming to a stall.

What do I mean by a stall? I mean, that the last time I saw something *NEW* to the makeup community, is when they started releasing liquid lipsticks. To be honest, it was a TOTAL game changer. And as of late, there really hasn’t been anything amazing (to me) since.

When you search through the comments on popular Instagram pages, you can clearly see the dismay for eyeshadow palettes that are coming out that HAVE THE SAME DAMN WARM TONES/BERRY TONES/RED ORANGE TONES.

If you see below, these comments have come from various makeup palettes being released towards the end of this year. (These comments have come from trendmood1 instagram)




With the amount of same warm toned palettes, individual eyeshadows, new brands popping up every minute, and new cosmetics brands, I’m wiped out. (My bank account too.)

At this point I can easily say I have everything. Every color. Every formulation. You name it, I probably have it.

So when nothing new is being released that is mind blowingly new, the fact that companies are coming out with the same damn thing in different packaging, and that I have so many products already… I honestly feel like I might be buying less and less makeup as the years go on. (Which honestly, is this really even that bad?)

Makeup Brands, do you hear me? Stop releasing the same stuff, and try and think of something new! (And please not gimmicky lol)




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