3 Reasons Why I’m Not Buying Lipsticks Anymore.

Lipsticks. Oh man, where do I start. You’ve got your glossy, your mattes, your satins, and everything else in-between. They can be one shade apart and i’d swear:


But let’s be real here, i’m talking about those good old fashioned lipsticks, the ones where you twist the bottom and they swivel up to pointed perfection. The type of lipstick your mom and grandma bought (and still probably do).

As i sat rummaging through my three lipstick drawers, it got me thinking, what lip products do I even reach for? Then, all of a sudden, I realized what I didn’t want to be true:

I only reached for liquid lipsticks.

I don’t even remember the last time I reached for a normal lipstick. It was as if a slow breakup finally came, and what went with it was the last bit of desire to ever purchase a lipstick again.

But let me tell you exactly why I’m not going to again.

Lipsticks aren’t the best at being transfer proof

Now, I don’t know about you, but i’ve never truly had a lipstick that stuck to my lips AND STAYED like a liquid lipstick does. 99% of the time lipsticks come off on EVERYTHING. My drink, my napkin, food, etc. If i bumped into someone my lipstick would come off on their shirt. At least one of the shittier liquid lipsticks can have some decency to not come off on everything.

Lipsticks are harder to use up

I know. You are probably telling me “Why would you want to use up your products faster? Isn’t it the point to have it last longer?” Well if you are a makeup junkie like me, i WANT to use up my products so i can A. go buy more and B. finally use up what i’ve purchased and not have it go rancid! Normal lipsticks can last for YEARS. And when i mean years I mean probably a decade.

Lipsticks need more touchups

Throughout the night if you are out on the town, a few hours go by and you might notice you forgot your lipliner so your lipstick in feathering, or fading. Maybe you drank a drink and most of your pigment came off with it. These things alone make the switch to liquid lipsticks that much more easier.


Unfortunately this is my official break-up post with traditional lipsticks.

You were my first love, but you won’t be my last 😉






7 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I’m Not Buying Lipsticks Anymore.

      1. Online mostly unless you live near a Korean hub like Atlanta or New York. There’s many different brands but I can look some up for you later today. If you have a contact section on your blog, I’ll email it to you later. I’m at work right now 😭

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