💄 Inflation of beauty gurus and the 💰to make it there 

Late night thoughts have got me staying up later than I should. I just made an online order to Colourpop-when I know I shouldn’t have-and all I can think about is “why did I do that”. 

We’ve all had those late nights, “better buy it now, it’s such a good deal, it’ll never come back” spending splurges. And yet you still feel guilty and regret it.

I’m in one of those moments.

But then it got me thinking, why did I feel the need to spend over $75 online when I know I have plenty of eyeshadows? Was it the good deal? Was it the feeling that I needed it? Or maybe, it was because I feel pressure to always buy makeup and have content for you guys that’s still relevant and semi new?  

Maybe it’s all three. 

I feel more beauty bloggers and vloggers are feeling the heat-especially the little guys- to try and constantly have new product and reviews. (This goes for the little guys on YouTube and in this blogosphere even more.) When you are trying to make a name for yourself but you have a normal life, have a normal work week (or more), and have a family or extra circular activities instead of beauty 24/7, it’s hard to put out content all the time-as well as even having money to get those products for that content.  

Full time beauty gurus have all the time in the world because they already have a large network and sponsors, as well as it’s their full time job. But most have earned that through putting in the time and effort to make it what it is outside of a normal job. But granted, most began when it was still scarce to have someone be reviewing makeup on YouTube. 
But now this beauty realm is getting full, and there is becoming less and less of a chance to reach those high subscribe rates or views due to the inflation of those who are “beauty gurus” and those who want to make money. 

And when you finally can buy enough products for a haul, you better damn be sure it’s a lot, because hauls have gotten so huge and reviews have gotten to the point of a full product line that if you are reviewing one product it’s like why am I watching a 13 minute review for one thing. 

Like who has the money for that anymore? (Unless it’s on hella sale) 

It’s getting way too expensive to try and keep up with beauty gurus and the lifestyle it portrays. It’s  even harder for those who are trying to live two lives: normal work fiend and beauty guru.

That is why so many of us are trying to buy as much as possible, so we can stay relevant and climb and scratch our way to the top. It’s getting harder and harder, and more money is going to have to be spent to reach it. 

But can someone like me, a regular girl working a regular 9-5 job afford to try and be that person? Should I give up and not try anymore and save my money? Idk, but for now I’ll keep spending my money when I can and wait to regret it the next day instead of the night of 😉 

PS sorry for the late night rants! Maybe I should have a beauty rant section 🙈


5 thoughts on “💄 Inflation of beauty gurus and the 💰to make it there 

  1. This is so true! I’ve never understood how people are able to walk out of shops with a million bags! Buyers regret is so real, especially with makeup! Going through my makeup collection, I have about 5 of the same shade of eyeshadow from different companies. Why did I need to buy them all? It’s so dumb, it all does the same thing. Sure, it might be different quality or finishes but at the same time, is it worth spending all this cash for a matte finish instead of a shimmer on a tiny portion of my eyelid?

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