Coastal Scents Hot Pot Single Eyeshadow Swatches (Pt 1)

Hello everyone! Today I am swatching all of my Coastal Scents Hot Pot single eyeshadows! I purchased these last year when Coastal Scents was doing their yearly 99cents Hot Pot eyeshadows sale. During this sale it gets pretty intense, i’m not going to lie. Things fly out and in your cart so fast sometimes you blink and it’s gone!

Now what i will say about these eyshadows are for the most part they do feel pretty buttery and creamy- at least for the shimmers/satins that is. Half of the mattes (mostly the brighter/neon shades, and purples) are more chalky to work with. If you still want to use the shadows you have and you have this problem, scratch off the first layer and you should be good to go!

I am going to be going from L- R and will also put the shade names as well!




(1) Dark Chocolate, (2) Frosty Taupe, (3) Concrete Jungle, (4) Bazaar, (5) Amaretto,           (6) Cinnamon Stone, (7) Midnight RodeoLast row gold shimmer pallete


(1) Root Beer (2) Amber Bronze (3) Dark Goldenrod (4) New Penny (5) Copper Pot (6) Bright Copper (7) Peachy Copper

third row shimmer gold palette


(1) Light Bronze (2) Gold Strike (3) Golden Sienna (4) Chai Spice (5) Caramelized (6) Pure Bronze (7) Sunset Gold

Second row gold shimmer palette


(1) Cherry Moss (2) Goldmine (3) Aluminum Tape  (4) Sandstorm (5) Camel Taupe            \(6) Light Apricot  (7) Caramel Ice

First row shimmer gold palette

I will show you guys swatches and names of another palette I have of their single eyeshadows tomorrow! Here is a sneak peak of the palette!




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