Favorite Liquid Lipsticks From the Drugstore (Right Now) 

When it comes to buying liquid lipsticks from the drugstore we all know it can be a struggle. Is it satin matte? Does it dry down all the way? Is it too dry? Does it transfer? There are just too many variables, and we all have our own preferences on what our perfect liquid lipstick is.

Now although these have been out for some time now, this is the first time i’ve gotten my hands on them- Milani and Hard Candy liquid lipsticks.

Down below I have attached hand swatches and lip swatches so you can see what the color actually looks on (as well as a few notes about each brands liquid lipsticks)

Down below are Hard Candy’s Velvet Mousse Liquid Lipsticks. They come in a light weight metal container with a mirror on one side while the lipstick sits on the other side.

Here are a few things you should know about the product:

  • Opaque
  • Mousse like texture (like it says in the name lol)
  • Has a vanilla bean fragrance (not too overpowering, just the right amount)
  • Dry time: doesn’t dry down all the way, will transfer.



Here are a few colors that I picked up at my local Walmart:

Mimosa Blossom








Milani Liquid Lipsticks 

I’ve had my eyes on these liquid lipsticks for a while now. In the past year they’ve introduced their newest line: Metallic Liquid Lips. I bought two of these, as well as two of the original Matte liquid lips.


About this product:

  • Now THESE are the intense, Vanilla Bean manufacturing scent that many of you may not be able to handle.
  • You have to be weary of the Metallic Liquid Lips. Now I know most liquid lips you don’t expect them to have the consistency of water, but these babies are LIQUID. They’ll spill right out of your container if you aren’t careful.
  • The Metallics might have separation of the formula, where as the mixture sits on top instead of being saturated with the pigment. This is okay, you just need to either shake it or pump your brush handle up and down to mix.
  • These are also very pigmented!
  • Dry time: Drys down completely, there will be just the touch bit of transfer (when i rubbed my finger against it)
  • Once this is on your lips it’s SO HARD to get off. I would suggest an oil based makeup remover 🙂

Colors I picked up are:






Pure Mattnessimg_0131


These photos can’t even do  the metallic lipsticks justice!! They are actually super metallic in person. Pick one up, I bet you’ll love them I swear!



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