21 days Of beauty plus mini Haul! 

Hello, everyone! As most of you know, Ultas 21 days of beauty is half way over and I decided to pick up a few things along the way!

If you see something(s) in this post you’d like me to swatch or review for you then just give me a holler!

1. Below are two separate gifts-the Caudalie set from Sephora, and the Tarte set from Ulta- for those birthdays that fell in march. (Woohoo)

2. I picked up the It cosmetics universal brown power eyebrow pencil (taupe), the mini formula 10.0.6 mud mask, and the lorac pro matte lip color in tawny.

3. Here I purchased Makeup Revolution brownpomade in Chocolate, and the Bareminerals liquid lipstick in Om. The other two products are things that Ulta gave to me for spending a certain amount, basically samples. We have It cosmetics cc+ cream and a small mini Buxom eyeshadow (which I’ll soon have to tape a magnet to the back and put it in a zpalette or I’ll lose the bugger)

4. Here we have two Ulta brushes ( they actually look nice) and five of the cosmic metal lips from NYX!

5. Below are a few items I’ve picked up from the Fiona Stiles collection from Ulta since the whole collection was around 40% off. Here we have the eyeshadow palette, and let me tell you, these are some of the most buttery pigmented shadows from an eyeshadow palette I’ve ever touched. But not in a bad way, because you know they have those palettes that SEEM amazing when you touch them and the pigment is there and they are soooo buttery… but sometimes that’s a problem when you need to blend your eyeshadow.. ANYWAYS, if y’all need swatches let me know.

6. Here is her eyebrow pencil, only $8!!

7. Below are two of her Soft Cheek Veil

8.  Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a photo of the foundation I bought as well so here is the foundation! If you want me to do a review on this then let me know! I’ll give a detailed review ☺️

Thanks for stopping by! I need to do another haul soon, but for now if you need anything from me just let me know!


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