Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow Single Swatches 

Hi babes! I’m searching the single eyeshadow I picked up during Black Friday for y’all, per request. Of course I didn’t get all of them (even though I should have-but my bank would be crying right now tbh), but here are the ones I did get!

Also sorry that there isn’t more of a variety, sometimes the pictures from the website makes it look like you are getting more of a variety in your normal brown shades, but na it looks like I just ordered a nude palette lol.

1. Dark Green Shimmer – Peacock

2. Dark Purple Shimmer – Pose

3. Light Pink Shimmer – Macaroon

4. Medium Colbalt Blue Shimmer – Dragonfly

5. Rose Gold Shimmer – Rose

6. Red Brown Matte – Sienna

7. Red Pink Satin – Intense Gaze

1. Lighter warm terra-cotta brown – Fawn

2. Red brown – Morocco

3. Brown with dark red undertone – Red Earth

4. Medium warm tone brown – Fudge

5. Dark warm brown- Beauty Mark

6. Darkest warm brown – Hot Chocolate.             ( honestly though this is the same color as beauty mark, so I’m kind of disappointed. Don’t waste your money on buying both lolol)

7. Light/med cool toned brown – Rich Brown

8. Blackest of black – Noir
To be honest, when I first started searching these I could tell some were amazing, and others…not so much. If you had to buy any shades I would try to purchase more shimmers, because we all know we have enough neutrals and warm tones to last us centuries 😝


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