Bronzer Collection

Bronzers, either they can make you feel like a sun tanned goddess (Aphrodite, am i right?), or they can turn you into a pumpkin. We’ve all got to be careful on how we choose our bronzers-too many cool tones or too many warm tones-can make you look disheveled and blotchy. Within my own bronzer collection, I have some warm, some cool, and some in-between tones for each season. But to be honest, i’m usually pale 365 days of the year, because let’s be real here-I work inside during the summers and I’m getting older and need to take better care of my skin! So, my trusty bronzers help me in this “you’re as pale as my butt” or “you look like a ghost” comments that get thrown around. Below I have all of my bronzers/contour shades swatches for you guys! If you suggest any that i don’t have let me know! I’m always on the hunt 🙂

PS Sorry for the photos being a little inconsistent. I’m just trying out a few different options so bare with me lol!

FIrst 4 of 1st row.pngLast 3 of 1st row.jpgFirst 4 of 2nd Row.jpegLast 3 of 2nd Row.jpgFirst 4 of 3rd row.jpgLast 3 of 3rd row.jpgFourth row first shades.jpgFourth row last shades.jpgFith Row first shades.jpgFifth row last shades.jpg


10 thoughts on “Bronzer Collection

    1. Yeah for sure! i’ll check it out right now! ❤ Honestly my favorite drug store bronzers have to be physicians formula butter bronzer and the Covergirl tru blend! They both blend like a dream and the butter bronzer smells like a tropical vacay!

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    1. I personally like the essence 30 Sunloved just because it has the slightest golden sheen to it. They are both a little warmer, which suites my yellow undertoned skin. I am also a brunette, so if you are blonde I personally wouldn’t go for these! I’d probably go for the Loreal, Light bronzer! it’s more cool toned! But these are only a few dollars, so you can always try them out if you want!

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      1. I love you the soap and glory bronzer was looking to try something new! I don’t want anything too deep as I am quite pale and nothing to shimmery (don’t mind a little bit tho) do you have any suggestions?


      2. Yes!! Honestly I’m very pale myself normally and even the light Milani foundation is too dark for me! Some of my favorite bronzers is the physicians formula butter bronzer(light bronzer it says on the back), and the L’Oréal glam bronze in 01, light. The L’Oréal has just a touch of shimmer sheen to it but it doesn’t come off that way on your face! It’s hard when you are paler because a lot of bronzers are typically more warm toned. But I have yellow undertones, so some of them I can pull off even if I’m paler! So if you don’t know if you have yellow or pink undertones I would go to Sephora to get color IQ’d! They tell you your undertone and how deep they are. I’m 5Y05, which is the second or third deepest yellow undertone. But I would suggest those two! They also come off lighter which is better because then you can actually build up the product!

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