Charming Charlie Mini Haul

Hi you guys! Charming Charlie is honestly my favorite accessories store hands down. Everything is super affordable, plus insanely cute. They even have little trinkets that anyone could love! Such as cute styled mugs with sayings on them, passport holders, jewelry containers, and so much more that i could go on and on. I mean, just go on their website and you’ll see what i’m talking about! Here is a little mini haul that I picked up last weekend during the “Buy one Get on Free Jewelry”.fullphoto.jpgIMG_1855.JPGIMG_1835.JPG

  1. Pug Piggy Bank. $14.00  At first i thought this was just a pug statue, but it’s really a piggy bank lolol.



2. Clip on silver and gold textured earrings 2.99


3. Friendship Turquoise Medium Watch 7.99


4. Gold Clip on Hypo-Allergenic Earring 4.99


5. Gold Hoops Both 5.99


6. White Light Earrings 3.99


7. Silver Accent Earrings 2.99


8. Gorg Gardens Necklace 6.99 (this is actually a pretty heavy duty bar lol)


9. Pug Necklace 3.99 (if you couldn’t tell, i love pugs)


Later on i’ll post another blog post of my other haul of Charming Charlie, including handbags! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!



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