The Makeup Bubble

Can we have a conversation? Just you, me, and the beauty community? Is anyone else noticing that we are cutting it close to the “makeup bubble”? This bubble that I’m referring to is where companies produce collections at an exponentially fast rate, trying to compete and get to market faster than their competitors, but that all produce roughly the same things repeatedly.

Trust me, I’m not harping on the fact that multiple companies are coming out with a liquid lipstick that’s cheaper and has a better formula than a 17$ liquid lip (this is a god send). I’m talking about the fact that there are more and more beauty companies popping up, and creating the same burgundy’s and the same nude lipstick, blue red, etc. 

Colored lipsticks, eyeshadows, eyeliners, everything is becoming generalized and produced throughout all companies. How many times can we buy the same “neutral toned” eye palette before we become bored and realize that we have 50 of them? The only reason we buy them is just to have them-it’s materialistic. But we love it, we crave having the newest palette from Too Faced, or the newest lipstick from Urban Decay. But then when we get home and look at our makeup collection, we realize we have the exact same stuff at home untouched and sitting in the corner (don’t put baby in the corner, lol).

I don’t want to make it seem like you don’t need these products, because honestly it’s fun to go shopping for the newest makeup and releases. But really, when is there going to be something so game changing in the beauty community? The last time was the liquid lipstick (in my opinion), but now we need something else, something that makes consumers feel that they NEED it, and not just want it.

Because honey, everyone wants what they can’t have.


4 thoughts on “The Makeup Bubble

    1. Thank you! I’m just putting together a blog site right now so if my site doesn’t look finished, well it’s not hah. But it’s so true! Looking at urban decay 100 lipsticks they just released I’m like what’s different…

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